Rising Moon

artist: Various Artists
title: We Love Japan - Fundraiser Japan
label: Parquet Recordings 2011
catalog: PARQUETCOMP008
format: digital


Since the 01. February , the digital distributor “Dig Dis” have an affiliate in Tokyo, which is represented by Keisuke Hirai and his associates. After the dramatic events Dig Dis decided together with Keisuke, to release a Compilation with unreleased Songs in collaboration with Parquet Recordings. Dig Dis & Parquet Recordings will donate the revenues entirely to the japanes red cross. This project is supported from the beginning by Beatport, Raveline Magazine, Dig Dis Japan, Parquet Recordings and many great electronic music artists from all over the world. The compilation incl. 34 unreleased tracks by wellknown artists like Boss Axis, Oliver Schories, Takt Tick, Lauhaus, Kabale & Liebe, Boris Werner, Klartraum, Swat Squad, Nima Gorji, Julien Chaptal, Spieltape, Alex Sander, Rekardo Rivalo, Melon, Nadja Lind and many more!