title: Nothing Stays The Same (Melon Remix)
label: Systematic Recordings 2012
catalog: SYST1007-6
format: 10" & digital

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We all know its a brave producer who takes on a House classic, seeking to deliver their own take on a seminal piece of music. Some pay little respect to the majesty of the original (just ask Josh), whilst others painstakingly attempt to pay homage to a tune that has soundtracked so many memories and moments.

“Mike Dunn is THE vocalist when it comes to Chicago House! When I bought “God made me funky” in the 90s on vinyl I was totally obsessed with the tune. Dunn has always had the talent of adding a specific portion of soul and spirit into his music and he significantly influenced me and my works” says Marc. “When my Parisian friend F.E.X. told me that he’d produced a track featuring Mike’s vocal from “Nothing Will Stay The Same”, I was thrilled by the idea and really impressed by how soulful and modern he’d made it. I love this mix and i’m happy that we could work out a re-release together with Victor Simonelli, the co-producer and owner of the original.”

So with one rework in the bag it was down to Marc to chose another producer to take up the challenge and he chose well with Dutchman, Melon. “The interpretation of Melon is simply mind blowing, totally different but authentic and groovy like hell! I love it” says Marc.